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peaceful heart


my newest painting from last night.
i thought i’d talk a little bit about my process
for this painting. i tried to paint the bird probably
four times. i finally got a birdie that i liked last week,
and kept it to complete the painting this week.
last night, i flipped through flower books to find a
study i thought would go well with this bird. i painted the
two large blossoms first, then the branches, then put in
the leaves. i added the bud as one of the last things.

i asked my teacher for “Peaceful Heart” (An Xin) as the
calligraphy for this painting.

plum blossoms


i’ve been working on plum blossoms for the last month,
and finally finished a painting that i like last night. 8)



this painting is dedicated in loving memory
to percy russell, a friend and mentor to me in
my chinese brush painting class these past twelve
years. he always laughed when i called him my
favorite “lao wai” (old foreigner =) and claimed that
he must have been chinese in a past life.

near the end of every class, he’d inevitably ask
me: so what masterpiece are you working on?

words cannot express how sorely he’ll be missed.
and how many lives he’d touched in his time here–
over four decades of which he spent as a student
of the brush. <3

my top reads in 2013

(in the order read)







a new year’s gift to myself


*1930s Corona Standard flat top typewriter.

i get a little obsessive about things. this year it was becoming a fish hobbyist, when i foolishly said yes to the bubs “winning” carnie goldfish at the fair this summer. after much googling and research, as one does, i found that keeping goldfish in a bowl isn’t good for them… and now, a 10 gallon tank, a 3 gallon nano tank, some snails, neon tetras and shrimps later (including two ghost shrimp that cannot stop fornicating and getting berried with eggs), i moved on to Typewriter Romance.

it’s a new genre, folks. we’ll say for New Adult. because it might be a little too nostalgic and dusty for YA. =p i saw this typewriter on Etsy and i just HAD to have it. but i couldn’t justify the price. which led to days of researching gorgeous (and HEAVY) vintage typewriters, stalking them on ebay, and after some haggling, i still settled for the original model i had fallen in love with, for half the price.

it arrived today, ensconced in it’s musty, tattered case, but looking bright and cheery itself. i found a local guy who tunes up vintage typewriters and will be taking her in before tapping at the actual keys. surprisingly, sweet pea (10) and munchkin (almost 9) are totally WOWED by this beautiful, archaic thing. they both want to use it, but i’m not sure how often i’ll share. 8)

maybe it’s a frivolous gift to myself, and my romantic notions on what it means to be a writer. but writing is one of the hardest things i have ever done. it takes discipline and dedication and psyching yourself up and psyching yourself out. but for me, it also takes pause, and quiet, and little moments of magic in our lives, and a whole lot daydreaming.

so truly, this corona is a *necessity* and a write off. haha!

for 2014, i hope to finish my cyberpunk set in taipei and also the sequel to my second Xia duology. it might be a little ambitious, but i love both these stories, and i’m itching to get my novels out into the world again!