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cindy_pon_foto1Thanks for visiting my author website! My debut Silver Phoenix and its sequel Fury of the Phoenix (Greenwillow Books) are available now. My next Xia duology, starting with Serpentine, will be released September 2015 (Month9Books).  I’m the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo. I’ve been a student of Chinese brush painting for over a decade and have a picture book in the works. You can find me on twitter!



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Robin McKinley reads and reviews Silver Phoneix and
Fury of the Phoenix
. and she enjoyed them! eep!!


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Silver Phoenix paperback available 2/1/2011.


Fury of the Phoenix available 3/29/11
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both Booklist and Publisher’s Weekly love my
short story “Blue Skies” in the Diverse Energies
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bird and lotus

it’s been a while since i’ve shared a brush
painting, right? i’ve noticed that if i’m working
hard on a novel, then my brush painting
isn’t usually plentiful, and vice versa. it seems
i have only a limited well of creativity, and must
divide it between words and ink. 8)
i spent a few lessons getting the perfect
composition, and then trying [...]

As Artist in Residence

still happily immersed in Serpentine revisions.
am reading the entire manuscript aloud now–
a step that is always very helpful in catching
awkward prose or dialogue, as well as
repition of words or phrases. revisions had taken
me away from updating about the china trip, but
many people have been asking me how it went, from
fellow chinese brush painting students to [...]